BABYMOM Website Design


UI, Branding, UX



Project Time

Dec. 2016 - Jun. 2017

BABYMOM is a start-up website focused on e-commerce. The founder who wants to sell good quality skin care products to the Chinese market comes from Australia. My partner and I created a new branding and a responsive web design from scratch. I was responsible for the branding and the UI design.
Branding Design
BABYMOM is considered a healthy, friendly, elegant web platform by the founder. She wants users to have an easy shopping experience when they purchase products on BABYMOM.
Branding color
branding color
Challenge and solutions
Mobile first. Most Chinese users will likely only ever see the mobile version of a website. Modularize all content, make sure they are easy to adapt to the one column mobile grid. Second, Users will not read your website in depth. They will skim most content and only search for the information they want to get. Simplify the login process to help users complete their purchases in the shortest possible time.
modularize content
simplify login process
UI design
UI design guideline
The UI system&library were created with modularized in mind. All contents were simplified to accurate component ensure all elements keep high consistency.
design guideline
As users are increasingly using the mobile device to access internet content, websites must adapt accordingly and become responsive at different sizes (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile).
shopping list