GE Kitchen Hub Receipes App





Project Time

May. 2018 - Nov. 2018

GE wants to put a smart display at head level while you’re cooking. The Kitchen Hub is a 27-inch touchscreen that runs Android and also functionally replaces your exhaust vent at its mounting above your stove. The guiding cooking App is one important part of the Kitchen Hub.
What I did
  • Learn product background and target users from GE. Generate whole user flow based on that.

  • Communicate with GE PM, confirm all UX wireframe.

  • Test usability on 27 inch screen with GE designer. Guarantee user can easily interact with the huge screen.

  • Design the UI based on branding guideline.

  • Test UI design with GE, get the feedback to iterate the design.

  • Involve in development sprint, effectively communicate with developers. Ensure the project can finish in the tight deadline.