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Lead UX & UI



Project Time

Feb. 2018 - Oct. 2019

SideChef App is an end-to-end cooking platform. It offers over 15,000 recipes to users. I join in the team as head designer in 2017, work closely with product and development team. we aim to improve cooking experience by simplifying process and make everyone can cook delicious meals.
What I learn
It's the first time I design a product from user needs to market. All lessons taught me how to make a good product. 3 learnings can share:
  • Design 1 guideline before design 100 features.
  • If you only make visual better, all people can challenge you based on their own taste. But if you use data and argue from user perspective you can top the nosing of others.
  • Try to simplify design. Simplify the process make it easy to use. Simplify visual, reduce all unnecessary elements. Simplify patterns of design to make the code library easy to maintain.
What I did
  • Check user data and analysis user requirements with product manager.

  • Transfer requirements to hypothesis design.

  • Make low-fi prototype, test with internal users, then iterate design.

  • Make clickable prototype, testing with real users (usually 5).

  • Iterate design with product team based on user feedback.

  • Lead team finish all design.

  • Generate design assets to developers.
Improve search function
From the data we can see search is the most frequently used function in the App. Even the user only uses the App once, the function he uses is search. What my design improved are:
  • Let users know how to search multiple ingredients by adding simple comma.

  • Add time and ingredient numbers on recipe card which are most important things for users.

  • Diets is crucial for most American cookers. Make the diet filter visible, ensure all the result recipes fits to user's diet.

  • Clean the filter page.
search redesign
Design Meal Plan
After competitive analysis, we find exist products are quite complex. We aim to design one user friendly meal plan. One page, one task. Help user plan their meal in the shortest time.
mealplan design
Design Shopping List
As an important tool for meal plan, a grocery list saves money and time, also helps with food waste. I aim to create a tool allow users create multiple list and easy to track all items in it.
shopping list
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