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ReignDesign's client

Project Time

Dec. 2015 - Jun. 2017

At Reign Design I created visual designs that effectively communicate product function and brand identity, including the design and production of screen layouts, color palettes, typography, user interface elements, and icons.
City Card UI design
A Hong Kong travel start-up company provides an app for young traveler, make their travel fun and tactical. They asked Reign Design design cards for different cities to manifest cities personality. This particular challenge results in typography that must display a city’s specific personality.
Reign Design Web page design
Since Reign Design has a lot of automotive and financial clients. Reign Design wants to build new pages showcase their outstanding design in both industries. The challenge was using visual language highlight Reign Design’s advantages. Also, have to develop a layout can use for different industry case study.y a city’s specific personality.
branding color
branding color