Hyperloop one

Client: Hyperloop One
Time: 2016.07 - 2016.12
Responsibilities: UX & UI 


Hyperloop One is planning to build the first commercial transport network using Elon Musk’s revolutionary Hyperloop concept. I worked with my supervisor to design the UX and UI for the app and website.

In 2016, Hyperloop One found Reign Design to solve the two problems with presenting their new advanced technology. 

Challenge & Solution


First, “Hyperloop is a revolutionary technology, so how can we help people to imagine its real world impact?”

I collaborated with my supervisor to come up with the idea to present the data about/on Hyperloop’s travel time, maximum speed and save time using animated charts. 

Second, “How can we make conference attendees remember Hyperloop One?”

Reign Design developed the idea to give users printed and digital copies of their own planned route. In order to improve the transition from digital to printed copies, I designed the graphics on the card. 


UX Design

We start from sketching the wireframes. In this process, I tried to explore different ways to demonstrate hyperloop one’s high speed in order to let the normal people understand hyperloop one’s advanced technology.


Hyperlooo One UX imageHyperlooo One UX image

UI Design

After UX Confirmed, We started to think about conveying Hyperloop One’s branding: High-tech, Futuristic, Contemporary in the app. I explored a Fine detail, Modern & Simple, Fresh direction.

I want to use this information graphically to attract people, let people can read hyperloop's speed much higher than other transportation’s. At last the client chose other direction. I developed it.

Hyperloop one UI_image01Hyperloop one UI_image01
Hyperloop One UI image 02Hyperloop One UI image 02

Fianl UI Design

final ui designfinal ui design

Icons Design

icons designicons design

Web UI Design

 After this APP released, Hyperloop One satisfied with the APP design, asked Reign Design updated their official website. They hope we can use the same elements as in the iPad Pro APP.


HLO website page 2HLO website page 2