Ramses Studio

Client: Ramses
Time: 2015.07 - 2015.10
Responsibilities: Interface & Logo 

Ramses Studio is a cross-platform software, which belongs to BMW Corporation. I redesigned the logo and software interface based on the requirements of BMW. Because the project was confidential, BMW only allowed the design of the logo to be shown. 

Challenge and Solution

The original logo and interface design were complexity, inconsistent and lacked a friendly interactive design, which led to an issue with not engaging branding image and easily using. The team of this project wanted to update Ramses Studio’s logo and software interface.

As discussed with Ramses’s team leader and BMW Shanghai’s lab manager, we settled on a goal for the new logo:

  1. Easy to recognize across various devices and window sizes.
  2. Achieve a professional visual look and feel.
  3. Meet the BMW design.

Various early directions for the new logo

Final logo mark design

The Shanghai team chose a visual mark. I offered multiple alternatives. All the project members from different city offices voted on the final logo. The elements considered came from the above design goals, which were decided in the beginning.

After the logo, I designed color pallet for Ramses Studio,also provide a new user interface design, including icons and interface layout that has been applied to a different cultural background for a friendly experience. 

BMW Lab uses this design from 30th October 2015 to now.