Client: Summer Fiore
Time: 2016.10 - 2017.01
Responsibilities: Branding 

Summer Fiore is a start-up company based in Shanghai that is seeking to change the customer’s idea of flowers.  I created a new defined visual identity which was applied on packing, in events and on the online store from scratch.

I collaborated closely with two founders and together set a goal. The goal was to convey simplicity and modernity while stressing the branding’s personality, which emphasizes art and freedom.

Logomark Design

The final logo was inspired the by flower stems seen in Summer Fiore.The wordmark is set in the contemporary free sans serif font FF Enzo. I adjusted character spacing and rounded the edges of each letter. A tiny stem was applied to the letter “i” and also to the logomark for the letter “m”. The Chinese wordmark was also developed based on the client’s concept.

VI Design

After designing and applying the logo to the physical shop, Summer Fiore wanted to create a clear and valuable visual identity.  I had brainstormed with two founders, used moldboard and some illustration I draw to help them got their ideas out. Met their friends and interviewed their users to get a better understanding about Summer Fiore. From several concepts we narrowed down to a clear image: colorful, young, free and reflect the owner's pursuit of quality of life. Two founders required use elements from Logomark.

I detached letter-mark, got the basic geometrical elements then built a pattern system around mathematical principles. The five basic elements generate infinite arrangements, each different from the application, though all part of the same visual system.

1 intensive code, use for package, ribbon, website

2 Normal code, use for mobile design, poster and package

Application 1 - Cards

Application 2 - Wechat store

Application 3 - Website